Thanks to us, this proprietary method of gluing glass is gaining more and more interest on the market of producers of refrigeration and freezing equipment.
The space between the panes, the low-emission coating and the argon filling guarantee the lowest possible heat transfer parameters. The main benefit of using FullView glass instead of insulated glass is full and undisturbed exposure of the goods contained in the refrigeration device.

An additional advantage is the reduction of the weight of the glazing unit due to the lack of polysulfide mass along the long edges of the glazing unit. The glass strips are made of glass that is cutting waste, which obviously minimizes production waste.

Order processing time is approximately 3 weeks.

Basic material parameters:

  • Thermal insulation at the level of U=1.1 W/(m2*K)
  • Reduced weight compared to insulating glass
  • Attractive design
  • Ecological product