Innovation on the metallurgical market of candle glass and household glass. Silicate Granulate was developed as a response to the problems of the above industry with the availability of glass cullet..
Our granulate can replace cullet in the glass batch without any negative impact on the final parameters of the glass. An extremely important advantage is the much lower temperature than in the case of glass cullet. This parameter allows for a more economically efficient glass production process.

This is a product patented by Szkłoland sp. z o. o., the production process is completely innovative and designed from scratch to meet the needs of the product. At the customer's request, we send free material samples in quantities not exceeding 10 kg.

Order fulfillment time is approximately 3 months due to the need to season the base raw material.

Due to percentage fluctuations in the composition, the technical data sheet is issued individually for each production batch.

Basic material parameters:

  • grain composition (%) (approximate value, in the final product it may vary within +/-10% for each grain size depending on the quality of the raw material)









  • glass transition temperature 514 degrees Celsius
  • thermal stability at 200 degrees Celsius
  • high aesthetics of the raw material